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Author Topic: A Very Satisfied Customer  (Read 1643 times)

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A Very Satisfied Customer
« on: December 07, 2014, 06:43:18 am »
Mike asked to me to write a review and although it has been a while, this guy does the best work around.

15 Years ago, My problem was every time I would take a bath and put my head under the water, I could hear a dripping sound.  Mike didn't hesitate to crawl under my trailer to find the problem.  8 Hours later, he had put in new plumbing, replaced the flooring, and secured my bath tub so it wouldn't feel like it was giving in every time I stepped into it.  I expected the work that he had done to cost me over 1000 dollars and was absolutely surprised when he charged me half that amount.

10 years ago, I called Mike cause I was tired of trying to do minor repairs on my hot water heater.  I still have polybutelene piping that runs through my trailer and it is very hard to find any parts that will fit over this stuff.  Mike didn't hesitate to get it fixed and it is still going strong.  This guy is amazing!!!

About 2 years ago, my air conditioning wasn't working very good.  I had various specialists come out and look at it, only to pay a service call and have nothing done to correct the problem.  I called Mike and he found out that the return duck had been crushed and wasn't letting any air flow to get through.  After an hour of work, Phil had my Air working like it was brand new.  Funny that the other people call themselves professionals and yet Phil found the problem right away.

I would recommend TomKatz to anyone with small or big repairs, they are the best in my book, and very professional at what they do.  5 Stars plus a 100 for the amazing work that he does!!!

Tony P.

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